All donations made on this website are general donations for Silent Witness only.  They cannot be applied to a specific case.  If you wish to provide funds for a specific case, please contact Silent Witness at 602-738-9010 or 480-948-6377 (480-Witness) and ask about a Contingency Contract for the case. 

Donate and Support Silent Witness

Have you or someone you know ever been a victim of a crime? Maybe not anything huge and hopefully not anything life-changing or devastating. Maybe you left the garage open and golf clubs or a bike were stolen. Perhaps the car was unlocked in the driveway and items were taken from your car. Perhaps your credit card information was stolen.

There is something very unsettling about having your personal belongings taken from you or having a family member or friend victimized. “There ought to be a law… Somebody ought to DO something.”

Is there a way you can help and be that someone, who does something? The answer is YES

Silent Witness takes tips from everyday people, just like you, that leads to the arrest of thieves, violent felons, and murders. The caller stays anonymous and may even receive a reward of up to $2000.

The program only works if you get involved. Silent Witness raises money to pay rewards from contributions and donations from private citizens and companies. People just like you! We hope you will be able to support our mission through your tax-deductible donation to Silent Witness.

Please, be that “Somebody that DOES Something” to help!

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Silent Witness is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization and rewards are primarily funded through private donations, Silent Witness events, and grants. Your donation is tax deductible.

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