Silent Witness relies on a partnership

between law enforcement, the media and the community.

Silent Witness shares information on unsolved felony cases to the local media (TV, radio & print).  The cases are also shared on Facebook, Twitter, and sometimes Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

If you recognize the suspect or have information on the crime, call or go online to provide a tip.  Calls are answered by a live person 24/7 and online or mobile tips are accepted at all times.  Tips are then routed to the proper Detective in charge of the case.  (If information is urgent or in progress, please call 911.)

If the tip information leads to an arrest or indictment in the case, you're eligible to for a cash reward of up to $1,000.  Your identity remains anonymous even when getting paid.

480-WITNESS / 480-948-6377

480-TESTIGO / 480-837-8446

mobile app at



How do you make sure I will remain completely anonymous?

When you provide a tip, you receive a case number.  Then call back within certain time frames if you have more information or want to check the status of your tip.  Anytime you call, use your case number -- not your name.

Our phones do not have caller ID and conversations are not recorded.  Mobile app and web tips are just as secure and anonymous because they are received using encryption technology.

Rewards are distributed in a private, anonymous manner to the tipster through a third-party.

By guaranteeing your anonymity, you can give information without the concern of retribution. By offering cash rewards for information leading to indictment or arrests, the program encourages otherwise reluctant callers to provide information.


How do you pay for all those rewards?

Silent Witness is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and rewards are primarily funded through private donations and grants. 

Your donation is tax deductible.